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Advertising World is an independent full-service advertising agency and marketing firm. Our creative designers, and advertising specialists create successful marketing systems for ambitious startups and music companies.

Our Working ProcessIn 3 Steps

Planning & Strategy

Upon defining "Your Goals”, we develop campaigns delivering RESULTS.

Design & Develop

From your idea, we create successful brand experiences; igniting the momentum your business desires.

Test & Deliver

Result driven marketing for any business size, is our job, in any market.


Gain new customers with campaign placement on premium outdoor billboards, and the most popular digital content. Grow your business with brilliantly coordinated ads and social review services.

  • ✓ Google Ads
  • ✓ Snapchat Ads
  • ✓ Facebook Ads
  • ✓ Instagram Ads
  • ✓ Billboard Placement


Grow your business with branding and digital media influence. We make it easier for your business to increase its revenue.

  • ✓ Video Ads
  • ✓ Search Ads
  • ✓ Display Ads
  • ✓ Bumper Ads
  • ✓ In-Stream Ads
  • ✓ Out-Stream Ads
  • ✓ Re-Marketing Ads

Spotify Promotions

Promoting an artist’s music, a concert, or artist merchandise is easy for us, but it’s a little different than promoting a brand or business. Fan base targeting allows us to reach known fans of an artist we are promoting or fans of other artists.

  • ✓ Fan Targeting
  • ✓ Concert Promotion
  • ✓ Streaming Promotions
  • ✓ Artist Merchandise Promotion


With limitless ideas, our creative geniuses will craft timeless designs leaving your customers with lasting impressions.

  • ✓ Logo Design
  • ✓ Billboard Design
  • ✓ Cover Art Design
  • ✓ Digital Ad Design
  • ✓ Digital Composite Design
  • ✓ Powerpoint Presentations


“Reliable project management for our technology development & delivery timeline, phase by phase. Mind-blowing detail outlined for the advertising & marketing strategy to launch our new media distribution portal. So amazing, MDC contracted Advertising World to work directly with our clients on unique promotional campaigns because they deliver results, increasing engagement with high-quality consumer experiences".
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B. Robinson

Music Distribution Club (MDC)
“My music video advertising campaigns put me in position to reach new fans daily."


TST Legacy Records
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The Shark Group
“Don’t stop and don’t linger on your journey to success. The future belongs to those who take action. Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Read that a couple of times, let it soak in and then take that first step."