Online Advertising

Get ad placement & increased visibility for your product, brand or service on the most popular websites, apps, games, and search results. Reach your audience globally, nationally or regionally.

Are you the next BIG music sensation? Do you have a HOT music video? Well, what are you doing? People worldwide need to see it! Do you want to sell out concert venues & tons of merch? Music lovers from all cities need to consistently see your music videos throughout each day, in respectful ways that aren't spam or plain old regular social media posts. Become a client and start advertising your music videos on popular media content that people are watching daily.

Dedicated Team of Certified Professionals

With the right mix of creativity and hi-tech precision, we generate successful advertising campaigns for all types of businesses.

Why Choose Advertising World

  • ROI Driven approach to pay-per-click (ppc) campaign management
  • 360 degree tracking of phone calls and contact forms
  • Affordable plans with contracts
  • Same-day response via phone or email

Once a month you will receive an official report which contains:

  • Breakdowns of campaign performance for overall campaign, ad placements, ad group, and keyword level
  • Optimization highlights & takeaways
  • A ‘Moving Forward’ section

Market Research – We'll identify the total population of consumers ideally interested in your product or service within the cities you want to target and activate campaigns that yield results.
Performance Analysis – If you have an existing account, we will analyze and determine what we should keep, improve and exclude from your next campaign setup.

New Campaign Development – We develop completely new campaigns based on your performance history, business objectives, and our experience.
Strategic Match Type – Match types can either laser-target your exposure or be a limitation. Based on our research, we implement the match types that best fit your business needs.
Keyword Research – Keywords are the foundation of any Ad campaign, and we ensure to select the best ones from the start.
Negative Keyword Implementation – We add negative keywords to ensure you don’t appear for irrelevant searches on Google.
Tailored Ad Copy – We create each ad for the individual ad group and keyword for high performance.
Ad Extension Setup – Location Extension, Call Extension, Sitelinks and Callouts are the most important and powerful ad extensions for local businesses.

Ad Testing –We will test 2-3 ads in your most important ad groups at all times to help combat ad fatigue and improve conversions.
Bid & Budget Management – Ensuring that you’re taking full advantage of your allotted budget, bidding for the most profitable keywords, and maintaining a high ROI are all top of mind for us.
Keyword Expansion – A keyword list is never complete. We continuously expand your existing keyword list as we acquire new data.
Search Term Analysis – We analyze the search terms your ads appear for and optimize them for higher conversions.
Negative Keyword Research – We continuously add negative keywords to keep your ads from appearing on irrelevant searches.
Call Quality Analysis – We analyze the duration and other factors to determine the quality of the call.
Ads Attribution Analysis – We analyze your campaigns to find what keywords generate leads directly and which generate leads indirectly.
Campaign Expansion – Expanding your campaign to cover more searches and providing a higher ROI is the cornerstone of our service.

Ad Copy for Mobile – We tailor mobile ads using subtle cues to create a higher relevance for the searcher.
Ad Extensions for Mobile

Analytics – Tracking of website health and other important metrics.
Conversion Tracking – We track contact form submissions on your website.
Keyword Level Call Tracking – Tracking of phone calls generated.
Code Installation – Our Tracking Specialists will install the necessary code for you free of charge. NB. Conditions apply.
Minutes Included – Between 400-200 minutes are included in each plan, we provide extra minutes as necessary.